Most awkward person you will ever meet.

oh you were trying to shake my hand? I thought you wanted a hug.

Starting a blog can be hard.  For starters you try your hardest not to get judge, but then again remind yourself that it’s part of it.  This blog chronicles my day to day activity.  It’s not just a blog for traveling, it’s my blog.  It constitutes the things that I do from 5 am – the time I go to bed.  The topics that will be discussed here are absolutely anything and everything that pops into my head.  also disclaimer, my grammar is not perfect, but I just have a lot of things to say.  This blog can have entries about food, places, make up, PERFUMES (omg my friend and I are obsessed with perfumes), candles (getting into these lately ) 🙂 HAHA

Second (that was a hefty paragraph before I got to my second point), it’s really hard to maintain a blog.  thinking of ideas to put it.  writing the content.  Some, or maybe most of my entries will be short entries but I hope you guys, [if ever anyone is reading this entry or my other entries] won’t get discouraged and leave my blog right away.

I’m always open for suggestions on how I can improve my blogging. And most certainly welcome to meet new friends!


for advertising on this blog and any other PR concerns please email me, forgetfulucygoesplaces@gmail.com. Thank you!:)



*also to all the grammar nazis out there, I’m working on it. 

*a link to my disclaimer page : DISCLAIMER


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